Coinbase Product Design


Product Designer/Growth Position


Hey Coinbase!

My goal is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency for early adopters and seasoned holders alike. These are concept mockups and UX interactions for a “One Click” system for Coinbase Commerce through a desktop and mobile client that solves for the following:


Ambiguity for early adopters

Early adopters are often constantly checking if they’ve copied & pasted the right items when sending currencies. Automating some of those processes can put them at ease.

Deeplink Payment Popup.png
Squarespace Commerce Mobile flow.png

Encourage the app experience

Coinbase Commerce can deep link into a desktop or mobile client to streamline processes. Having a desktop client might also open new gateways for trading and user retention.

Desktop Client Screenshots.png

In my previous venture I worked to make payments easier with currencies built on the NEM blockchain. My goal is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

I have applied to your Product Designer, Product Designer - Growth, and Product Manager - Crypto Payments positions. I would love the opportunity to buy you coffee and learn about Coinbase’s product goals for this year.