Coursera Sr Product Manager Growth


Sr Product Manager - Growth Position


Hi Kapeesh,

For the past 3 years I have helped to start and grow Devslopes, an online learn to code platform. We taught over 300,000 students worldwide through curated video tutorials and exercises delivered through our desktop client.

I would love the opportunity to buy you a coffee and learn about Coursera’s future product and growth goals.

Apps Built.png


I had the privilege of designing, planning, and leading the execution of 8 apps across mobile and desktop with a team of 7 talented engineers.

  • Devslopes App for iOS, tvOS, macOS (Native), and Android

  • Devslopes Electron App (2.0)

  • Devslopes Internal Admin App (macOS Native)

  • Devslopes Website

  • Blockstart Crypto Wallet

  • Blockstart Desktop Alpha Client



I worked directly with the CEO on user acquisition with several marketplaces in the e-learning space, paid advertising, and B2B partnerships to accelerate growth. We also leveraged metrics to increase usage on the Devslopes platform, outpacing our average session lengths and engagement on various other e-learning sites.


I have applied through the Coursera website, and have added my Resume and Cover Letter below for your reference.