Devslopes 2.0 Electron App

Devslopes 2.0 Electron App 

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Product Summary

  • Streamed high quality coding education videos in a comprehensive learning track

  • Administered quizzes and final exams

  • Quickly download project files and source code

  • Shipped for macOS, Windows, & Linux




Lead Product Designer / Product Manager

  • Designed all user interface and user experience elements

  • Worked with the lead engineer to create and manage sprints

  • Led the QA & testing process


Product Feedback: User Learning Experience

After surveying our students and assessing user feedback from our existing macOS native app, our biggest product pain points were:

  • Our existing Video Player experience was sub standard

  • Users wanted a more responsive player

  • Picture in Picture was highly requested

  • Users did not always know where to find videos, or source code files

  • Large subset of our user base requesting a Windows application

  • Gamification system had low engagement

1.0 and 2.0.png
1.0 and 2.0 2.png

Technical Debt: Investing in Scalability

We also reassessed all technical aspects. Our biggest pain points were:

  • Using a BaaS - customization limitations

  • Building in macOS native - restrictive design limitations and neglected Windows and Linux users

  • Video Player customization was a challenge in the native macOS environment

  • Apple review process hindered app updates and certain features

  • Apple In-App purchase system was not scalable outside of the Apple ecosystem



Over a 4 month period we were able to design, develop, and ship our product addressing our biggest pain points. We decided to rebuild our app in Electron, opening up our product to Windows and Linux users. This allowed us to create a fast, highly customizable video player with “Theater Mode” that addressed users pain points of watching videos while learning. This also relinquished design limitations and allowed us to optimize on creating a clearer learning track, decreasing confusion for lesson locations and source code files, while increasing average session times. We were also able to build our own API for full customization and flexibility.